They took their first brushstroke in 2015, and since then it has been difficult to keep up. The identical twins Marcus and Nicolay Drazkowski (13 years old), born July 19, 2007 are both active boys, but it is art that is their great passion. Together they are better known as the artist duo - Doodle Twins

"In a short time, more people have opened their eyes to the young budding artists who are constantly developing their talent. In November 2020, they had their first exhibition at BL_NK Gallery Oslo with great success. In just 4 opening days, the 13-year-old boys sold 20 works, and this during the lock-down period in Oslo. They had their print launch in February, which was released via BL_NK, and a main exhibition at the end of the summer of 2021 »

Their expression is impulsive, playful and colorful with details that require the utmost precision.

Marcus and Nicolay Drazkowski were born 19.07.2007. They have had a special bond from birth and have always been each other's best friends.
This is something they have also brought into the art. They like to work on several pictures at the same time and change who works on which picture. They started at an early age to develop their creativity through fun projects in kindergarten and school. The creative subjects with needlework, crafting, drawing, etc. quickly became the boys' favorite. Here they could express them selves in the creative world to develop all the ideas they got along the way. In their spare time, they would make things and be creative. Here, drawing and painting came in as a natural element, in addition to both carpentry, sewing and other techniques. The creative interest has become stronger and stronger the bigger the boys have become. This has to do with development, age and interest in art and art exhibitions as well as a great "passion" for the subject and not least to get inspiration from other artists. Here we can mention; Pushwagner, Takashi Murakami and Kaws as the great inspirational artists. This with colors and shapes that go into each other, "doodleart" was something that caught their interest. Creating images or expressions put together with many other images in each other quickly became their great art form.